Well gosh - welcome, new followers! I assume y’all linked over from Liz’s post at One Twenty Five, and I’m flattered. I haven’t posted anything in a while because I was trying to be more balanced, and while I groan at the cliche of starting up in a new year, the prospect of getting to know you all and being a part of this community again is too tempting to pass up. So, let’s do this.

Five quick things to bring everyone up to speed:

1. I’m on tumblr every day, staying updated on the ppl I follow while contributing nothing myself, lol. This’ll change. Shoutouts to a few of my favs, though, in case you’re looking for other women to follow:

  • Liz (obv)
  • Jilda - Crossfit and paleo and loveliness in the pacific northwest
  • Alex - Squatting heavy and taking the corporate world by storm
  • Kelton - This woman’s writing brings me to tears
  • Teneshia - “Thick brick shithouse” are her words. Total inspiration.
  • Courtney - Powerlifting or Figure? Hmm, Both. + Science.

2. 2013 was a massive transition, and not an easy one. This time last year, I was self-employed, living with my best friend and (ex-)boyfriend, and traveling willy-nilly. I took a fulltime 9-5 gig heading up a consultancy’s research department in April, moved out in June and then bought a condo in Toronto last month. The Google calendar that used to contain all my upcoming flight info now consists of mortgage payment reminders, but on the bright side, you guys should see my kitchen! It’s gorgeous and increasingly filled with friends, wine and Mexican food. Which brings me to #3.

3. OMG Mexican food. Seriously. I can’t get enough. I spent a week at a cooking school in Tepoztlan, Mexico this past November and it’s my absolute go-to for everything from dinner parties to weeknight slowcooker meals. godo2point0 on instagram if you like food pics and gym selfies. Oh, right - the gym…

4. I lift. I maxed my deadlift at 275lbs before tweaking a dumb thing in my lower back in September, so I’m currently back at 135lbs and increasing by 10lbs per week as long as I don’t feel any pain. A shitty hip problem and very long legs have made squats frustrating, but I can leg press 520lbs and barbell lunges are my default lower body exercise. Trying to be responsible and taking it one day at a time to prevent further injury, but less weight on the bar means fewer tacos and cupcakes. My goal is to maintain a balance that lets me live a happy life while looking, feeling and performing my best. NOT EASY, YOU GUYS. But we’re all in this together :)

5. I don’t know. I said there’d be five things… Feel free to drop a question in my Ask or tell me about you!

How to compliment a woman in the gym:

  • Guy (at the water fountain): Were you just repping 225lb deadlifts?
  • Me: Yeah.
  • Guy: That's fucking badass. (/props)
  • Me: Thanks!
  • The End.

Hi Everybody!

It’s been months since I posted, but I think I’ll start it up again. I’m always thinking of things I want to say or report but never know where to start. So I just will. But I’ve been following everyone else daily! (unless that’s creepy…)

A quick update: I live alone now (not with Nick anymore) in a little 1-bedroom basement apartment in The Beaches area of Toronto. Things were really tough for a bit, but now I’m getting back into a routine, working out regularly again and cleaning up my nutrition.

I know what you’re all thinking: “How are your deadlifts?” Gosh, great question. They’re on track to hit 300lbs by 2014. I tried and failed repeatedly at 275 earlier this week, before bumping down to 265 and getting it up slow and hard, but if I can keep adding 10lbs a month, I’ll reach my goal.

I’ve gained a bit of weight, but I think I’ve got it under control. Some is obviously muscle (see: 265lb deadlift) but I always want to be leaner than I am, so I’m just doing my best. Health takes precedence over body composition, so long as my clothes fit (which most of them do) :P

Been doing lots of biking and kayaking and wine drinking and trying new things like horseback riding and cake decorating. Instagram’s the best place to catch up so I’ll probably post some things periodically from there.

Looking forward to being back :)


Muscle Gain 06.18.12: Back (1.4x Bodyweight Edition)

Back in Vegas, joined the 24 Hour Fitness just like last year. Didn’t do a ton of exercises today but wanted to get some heavy lifting in, and managed to hit a 10 lb PR for my deadlift without injuring myself, so yay.  Feeling something weird in my left elbow, otherwise I would have done some arm stuff. Nutrition wasn’t amazing today, but hit Trader Joe’s to get myself set up for the next couple of weeks.  Off to a reasonably good start :)

Tracked a workout for 1,038 pts
  • Barbell Deadlift:
    • 95 lb x 10 reps (+67 pts)
    • 115 lb x 10 reps (+77 pts)
    • 135 lb x 10 reps (+88 pts)
    • 155 lb x 10 reps (+101 pts)
    • 175 lb x 4 reps (+89 pts)<— PR :)
  • Bent Over Barbell Row:
    • 45 lb x 12 reps (+31 pts)
    • 65 lb x 12 reps (+36 pts)
    • 75 lb x 10 reps (+38 pts)
    • 75 lb x 10 reps (+38 pts)
  • Short Bridge:
    • 15 reps (+15 pts)
    • 15 reps (+15 pts)
    • 15 reps (+15 pts)
    • -Superset with squats -Done with a band around my thighs, which I push outwards against throughout.
  • Body Weight Squat:
    • 15 reps (+12 pts)
    • 15 reps (+12 pts)
    • 15 reps (+12 pts)
    • -Superset with Short Bridge -Done with a band around my thighs, which I push outwards against throughout
  • Running (treadmill):
    • 0:12:00 || 10.5 mph (+392 pts)
    • 10 x 30sec intervals